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Interior Treatments are included in our Pest Control Program and are done at no additional charge.

At Real Green Pest Control Service, our Interior Pest Control Service is undertaken with great scrutiny and care. We know how much you value your home, along with everything in it– and so we guarantee that we undertake our Interior Pest Control in the best way possible.

Soon as you engage our Interior Pest Control Service, we conduct careful inspection of your property, gauge the possible existing damage caused by the pests in the same, then device a strategic Pest Control plan to avert further damage on your property and prevent the spread of these pests in the future as well.

Exterior Pest Control

Austin termite treatment for a homeIt should be noted that the spread of Pests and their damaging effects begin from the inside out, there are cases where these Pests are brought in by an unhealthy exterior environment, thus calling for our exterior Pest Control service.

In making sure that you get the right exterior Pest Control treatment, you reduce the possibility of needing an interior Pest Control service in the future.

Our Perimeter Pest Prevention program creates a barrier around the exterior of your home and helps keep unwanted pests from coming inside. It is your first line of defense against insects entering your home. Our trained technicians utilize the latest, proven technology available to provide you with superior service and maximum results.


• Helps keep unwanted pests from invading your home
• Application is odorless, colorless and has very low toxicity
• Isn’t harmful to soil, flowers, bushes or lawns
• Takes place outdoors, so it’s less intrusive
• Keeps insecticides out of your home and living space, away from you
• You don’t have to be home to receive treatment
• Prevents most crawling insects.


Why do I need Perimeter Pest prevention?

90% of your pests come from outside.  It is your first line of defense against insects entering your home.

Will I need my traditional pest control company?

Probably not! Only 10% of our client require an inside pest control treatment. But we provide this as well, without an additional charge to you.

How long does the Perimeter Pest prevention treatment last?

Treatments are done Bi-Monthly.

Is perimeter pest service harmful to plants or animals?

No, all of the products are registered at the state and federal levels.

What pests does the service cover?

Perimeter Pest prevention helps control most crawling insects like ants, roaches, silverfish, centipedes, scorpions, spiders and more!

Call us, we have the latest technology to control these pesky critters.

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